Friday, May 9, 2008

New Fairy Costumes

I have been hard at work creating some new gowns in time for the art show, OhSweetSadie.

The first one is called The Tattered Rose Fairy. It has a very full skirt of tulle that has been painted a deep, dark red. The bodice is satin with cap sleeves and has been painted black. The bodice has dark red roses that drip from one shoulder to the waist and onto the skirt. The wings are black chiffon that have been burned and ripped. The wings are edged with dark red grosgrain ribbon and tipped with some smaller dark red roses. It is very pretty and elegant, in a gothic sort of way.

The second is called The Waterlilies Gown and it is based on the painting by Claude Monet. It is a very simple white wedding gown of satin. It has a higher neckline and is sleeveless and backless. It has a chapel length train. The entire dress has been painted like the famous painting. The colors on it are just amazing. I haven't decided whether to add wings to this creation or not. I plan to do another without the train that I will add wings to, but I haven't decided with this one.
The third one I have is the Pansy Pixie based on a painting by Georgia O'Keefe. It has a very full tulle skirt with a simple satin bodice. The entire dress has been painted a very pale blue. The sketch of the dress is very close to the finished garment.

Then I have a Tiffany Fairy gown that is going to be gorgeous! It is that famous Tiffany Blue and is split in the back of the skirt. Peeking through the split is a gorgeous train of white chiffon, tulle and organza. The front of the dress is wrapped like the Tiffany gift box in white satin ribbon with a big bow just below the bust line. I'm actually commissioning another artist to make the wings for this gown because I want them to be very ornate and stuctured. My wing style tends to be more free-form and flowy. I just want the gown to exude luxury...

Finally, I am working on a new Ocean Fairy Costume. It is layered in shades of deep blues and greens. The wings are organza and feature the same watery shades of blue and green. Very pretty!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Sweet Sadie

I am in the midst of my very first art show right now. I was invited to wonderful ladies, Heidi and Dani of OhSweetSadie, to join in their art/craft show that runs May 2-3 and May 9-10 in Herriman and Draper.

I was a bit hesitant because I know people don't really go looking for costumes and fairy gowns at an arts and crafts show. However, the feedback has been wonderful. It's nice to have my dresses seen in "real life" instead of pictures on the Internet! I hope some ladies visiting the show remember come Halloween!