Saturday, March 15, 2008

My New Studio

I've finally outgrown my home business!!! The gowns I make are so large that thaey were overtaking the small amount of workspace I have in my house. I've found a perfect studio space! It's very close to my home and it's 1200 sq.ft. of freedom!

I put up a huge bar along one entire wall to hang all my wedding gowns and I was finally able to count them all. I have a total of 80 wedding dresses that I hope to turn into costumes by the time Halloween rolls around! 80 wedding dresses! That is crazy and you would not believe how much space they take up. I am guessing that I will be finishing more around 60 dresss, though. Last year I did 25 dresses total, so I don't want to drown myself in tulle and lace.

The space is just perfect. I love it. It has one huge room that is just cement floors and bare drywall. That is where I do all of my painting and hang all of my dresses.

The second room is carpeted and very cozy. I have a huge desk there for my sewing station. My husband bought my kids a couple of Kid Lovesacs and we brought their little TV/DVD set so they can watch movies when I bring them with me.

I plan to spend a lot of time there in the coming months. I've moved everything in and have begun work on my latest creations.

Stay posted for upcoming design descriptions and pics...