Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Wedding Dress Design Sketches

I have some new sketches of dresses that I'm working on! I find that sketches help me organize my thoughts on a dress. I do them if I get stuck on a design. I do all my sketches on Photoshop which can be a bit tedious. I'm sure it would be much simpler to just actually sketch them, but it's a habit I can't break.

The first dress a slight play on my Autumn Fairy dress. It's satin and chiffon with dozens of silk leaves that have contrasting embroidered veins. The bodice is a simple spaghetti strap corset style that will be fully boned with lacing in the back. The leaves are ivory, white, pink and mocha. I seem to be stuck on a Neopolitan palette these days. I have the basic structure for the dress finished and the leaves are almost complete.

The next dress is all ivory silk with a v-neck, slightly off-the-shoulder bodice. The skirt is knee length with a petal-ed hem. Peeking out from the petals are layers of dusty rose and mocha colored petticoats. It has a retro feel with an offbeat edge.