Friday, June 13, 2008

Amazed by the Kindness

Just when you think the world is turning upside down and makes no sense, people amaze you with their complete and utter selfishness...

After trying to spread the word about my dress on Ebay to another site where I sell my dresses,, I've been bombarded with emails from several people there who want to help as well. Several people have offered their own work for me to sell in my shop and donate the sales to my friends.

A whole group of Etsians who formed a group called HOST and their sole purpose is to help others. They have an entire shop that carries items with the intent of donating the proceeds to others. Well, if you purchase anything from their shop and put "For Eleigh" in the notes, the money will be donated to Eleigh's family.

Go check out their site and get to shopping! I am honestly moved to tears over people's kindness, guys.